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Shichida Hong Kong

Shichida Experience - Kaydence
Shichida Experience - Kaydence
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Shichida Experience - Kaydence

Shichida Experience - Amias
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Shichida Experience - Amias

Thoughts from a Shichida Parent
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Thoughts from a Shichida Parent

shichida parents

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Kaydence Lo, 2 year 3 months old

Attended for 1 years 5 months


Kaydence has always been showing her interests in exploring, reading, and singing. Other than her daily routine on her preferred activities of the above categories, shichida provides more useful learning materials that she enjoys and as well improving her knowledge of her surroundings, memory and spelling. These definitely help to strengthen her foundation of her learning in future. We appreciate to have Miss Joanna with us who are truly passionate about teaching. She develops a good relationship with Kaydence and have her pay attention and enjoy her every moment in class.

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Madison Burns.jpeg

Our daughter Madison thoroughly enjoys each Shichida class. Her love for learning has only increased and we’ve seen great progress across the board - fine motor skills, memory, focus, pattern recognition, alphabet, numbers, etc. Even from Madison’s first few classes, we were amazed that she was able to sit and focus for a full 50 minutes - in a way she wasn’t able to at other learning centres. It speaks to the unique class format, environment, and content that Shichida has painstakingly created. But what really sets Shichida apart from other early education centres are the teachers. They’re excellent. They carefully manage a classroom with small children and at the same time bring content to life in a fun and engaging way. Big thanks to all of the teachers and support team that help make Shichida such a wonderful experience. We couldn’t be more happy. 

Madison Burns, 2 years old
Attended for 1 year and 5 months


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Oliver Voo, 4 years and 3 months old
Attended for 9 months

Alexander Voo, 2 years and 2 months old
Attended for 9 months

We chose the Shichida method for our boys, Oliver and Alexander, because we believe the lessons can help unlock their full potential. We have seen several positive changes in both boys since they started attending the program. They both seem to have improved their memory skills, which we've found to be one of the key focal points of the program. We have also noticed that they have become more imaginative and creative during play time, and they have also become much stronger with their problem-solving, which we believe to be related to the program's emphasis on right-brain development. We appreciate the materials and exercises Shichida provides us to do at home, which helps us to reinforce what they're learning in the center. The teachers are also great at making the activities engaging and enjoyable for the children, while also stimulating their cognitive and creative abilities. Overall, we're very happy with the activities and materials provided by Shichida. 

Alexander & Oliver Voo copy.jpg
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Quincy Leung , 2 years 7 months old

Attended for 1 years 9 months


What really attracted me to choose Shichida is their very unique course. The course design and focus are on both the left and the right brain development.
This is something which I have not been able to find, especially with such a high level of quality, in Hong Kong.


Each class activity is unique and special. The memory training session, especially the linking method story, is the activity that I enjoy the most. My daughter not only enjoys the story itself, but she also feels proud for picking the correct cards. I am mostly impressed & I feel amazed by how much they can remember as it’s not easy to remember 15 cards in such a short time.


Teachers here are professional, patient, and put in a lot of effort to prepare for each class. Reports from teachers are always helpful because they take great care in praising each child’s strengths as well as identifying areas for improvement and provide ongoing support and assistance to help each child reach their potential.

The class content covers a wide range of skills, including flash card memory, photographic memory, imagination, phonics, brain-storming, calculation, reading and listening.

After attending classes at Shichida for 1 year & 8 months, I found that Quincy has become a quick learner with logical thinking activities, and her ability in learning new vocabularies is much stronger. Her listening, speaking skills & memory have improved a lot.   

Quincy Leung_TST_new.jpg
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Matthew Liu, 4 years 11 months old

Attended for 3 years 2months


The teaching style at Shichida is different to other learning centres as they focus on development of the right brain abilities. If children are taught using the Shichida methodology at a younger age this will strengthen their right brain abilities including memorization and critical thinking.


Personally I enjoy the Chi Cha activity the most, this game helps the child to practise memorization and can give the child a sense of accomplishment.


The Shichida methodology adopts an interactive style of teaching as opposed to spoon-feeding information to children.  The classes allow children to learn in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  The classes cover a broad range of topics and skills which can help a child (whose brain is still developing) to practice their memorization skills, critical thinking, logical thinking, train their motor skills and teach them English as well. The activities available at Shichida let the children grow their skills in a happy and fun environment.

Alexis Chan, 3 years 7 months old

Attended for 1 years 7 months


We first came to learn about the Shichida from a book that I read in a bookshop, and the more I read about the Shichida methodology to enhance brain power, the more I believed about the benefits and positive influence of early teaching for my kids.


The fun and creative imaginary make-up story to link up all those pictures (totally unrelated at times) was definitely one of the most creative and enjoyable activities that my son and I participated in, and the riddles games was also something we have always enjoyed.


The key differences are the pace and the levels of the teaching materials, which are a lot more advanced than other centres or even kindergartens at the same age group, and it is this very reason we decided to join Shichida in the first place as we want to foster his desire for knowledge.

One major improvement that we noticed is his self-belief and willingness to make choices based on his intuition and gut feeling which is something he would never tried before he joined Shichida.

Alexis & Alicia Chan.jpg
Arielle Mommy HKFC Playroom_new.jpg

Sidney, 1 year 2 months old

Attended for 5 months


As parents, we chose Shichida after extensively researching all of the options for right brain early childhood education and found that the differentiating factors, highlighting Shichida, were clear and important.  Namely, a stable teaching core, with no staff turnover since we arrived and who are all highly trained, very competent and take an individual interest and approach to the children, and secondly, the smaller class size at Shichida makes for less distractions and a higher absorption rate of the information being taught and an overall more enjoyable experience.


Our daughter began attending the once per week English-only class and was so excited by the school and inspired by the classes that she in now attending the English/Mandarin two days per week program and still thrilled to be there each and every class.  She is also attending a Montessori based playgroup three times a week and the difference in her excitement level when attending Shichida classes is obvious.


Based on our own research, we understand fully the latest research-based developments in early childhood education and the importance of brain stimulation in babies, from newborn to three years old, in building those neural transmission pathways that will be utilized over a lifetime.  Shichida is playing a vital role in helping our family to to deliver the best education possible to our daughter in these early years.

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Cyrus Wong, 4 years 3 months old

Attended for 3 years


Cyril Wong, 2 years 6 months old

Attended for 1 year 3 months


What makes Shichida Hong Kong special is their focus and care towards brain development and their ability to nurture each child by providing them the skills for successful lifelong learning.


I am confident that it has provided a foundation for my kids that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I am mostly impressed with the memory activities and how strong my children’s memory skills have become as a result. I am simply amazed by how much they are able to remember! I am also impressed with the development of my children’s problem-solving skills. Even my eldest son’s kindergarten teachers have been amazed at his learning ability and strong memory.


The teachers here are professional, patient and put in a lot of effort to prepare for each class. Reports from teachers are always helpful because they take great care in praising each child’s strengths as well as identifying areas for improvement and provide ongoing support and assistance to help each child reach their potential.


Previously, my eldest son was quite stubborn and had trouble following instructions. After attending classes here, he has grown to listen and has built a strong love for learning. He even tries to share what he has learnt in class with his younger brother.

Jade Wong, 5 years 9 months old

Attended for 5 years


Wong Tsz Kiu, 2 years 5 months old

Attended for 1 year 8 months


The Shichida Method uses fun teaching materials at a fast pace to deliver the lesson. Children will have to use a combination of their physical and mental abilities to complete the task, which leaves a more lasting impression.


Since Jade has started Shichida classes, her concentration and her memory have significantly improved. This is proved by her ability to recognize Chinese characters. In addition, the Shichida Method has trained Jade to have excellent spatial and logical thinking. She can easily grasp mathematic concepts and quickly distinguish the three-dimensional shapes from a two-dimensional picture.


Jade has been with Shichida for 5 years. Every time she advances to the next class level, we can see that there is significant progress in her abilities. I really appreciate the adjustment in difficulty in Shichida’s classes, which allows the children to have the best learning results. This is something that is very hard to find elsewhere, and that is the main reason why I let Jade continue in Shichida for so long.

Matthew Kwong, 4 years 10 months old

Attended for 3 years 11 months


Marcus Kwong, 3 years old

Attended for 2 years 8 months


After reading a number of books by Professor Shichida, I became very impressed with his philosophies with regards to brain development and creating a nurturing learning environment for children. I chose to bring Matthew to attend classes at Shichida Hong Kong because of the strong research behind the development of their syllabus.


Upon seeing the incredible changes in my elder son and his excitement towards learning, I felt confident to sign up his younger brother for classes as well.


A change that I have seen in both of my children is that they have developed an incredible memory, which has made it much easier for them to learn new things.

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Chi Chun Hay, 5 years 9 months old

Attended for 4 years


Most teaching methods are inclined to left brain learning. Shichida however, emphasizes right brain training. When the right brain activates, it will drive the left brain. Thus, the left and right brain will be well developed. Shichida classes start with a breathing exercise, so as to calm and relax children’s spirits. It helps children use their imagination for right brain activities.


All activities have an emphasis on teacher and student interaction. Teachers often encourage and guide children to speak so that every child has the opportunity to participate. In such an environment, children take the initiative to learn in a fun way.


After attending Shichida classes, Chun Hay can concentrate on his studies with stronger comprehension skills. He has become more cheerful. With the positive and loving environment, his mood is stable. He uses an "I CAN DO IT" attitude when experiencing challenges. He believes he will succeed one day as long as he keeps trying.


Shichida classes provide an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere for learning. Chun Hay can confidently express his point of view. He enjoys the learning process. In addition, we attend classes with Chun Hay. We understand each stage of his learning progress and his strengths and weaknesses.

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Ding Wai Lun, 5 years 7 months old

Attended for 3 years


My boy and I never feel bored with the variety of activities in the program. The class content covers a wide range of skills, including flash card memory, photographic memory, imagination, phonics, brain-storming, calculation, reading and listening.


My participation in the lessons helps me understand the learning progress, strengths and weaknesses of my boy. This helps me teach my boy to do his homework. The class homework strengthens the skills that my boy learnt during the lessons. I have kept most of my boy’s homework and enjoy reading the comments that the teachers gave me.


Shichida provides a wide range of learning content (and provides a lot of inspiration to me as well). I can see the remarkable results of his initiative to contribute during the classes. I believe Wai Lun can benefit from the continual structured program.

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Nicole Lee, 5 years 3 months old

Attended for 4 years 7 months


She seems to have developed her language skills the most while studying at Shichida. She could sing the Happy Birthday song when she was 18 months old. She could change the original words of the song to other words with similar meaning when she was 20 months old. (e.g. She changed the song “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed” to “Five little owls jumping on the tree”).


This ability could help her to easily express what she is thinking and make it easy for her to communicate with us. For example, she could tell us when she had tummy pains when she was 18 months so that we could take her to see the doctor without delay. That's why she didn’t need to always cry to show her needs. It can also build up her confidence!

Kyle Chan, 5 years 9 months old

Attended for 4 years


The class content, pace, and class materials have always maintained a high level of quality since we have joined the program. The class materials are always presented and designed in a creative way and can attract children’s attention. I always see him enjoy the time he spends in class.


Kyle has become a very fast learner. When we review for his dictation at home, he can complete the activity with no mistakes and without studying beforehand. I feel this is a result of strong memory skills he has achieved from this program.


The course itself is very unique in Hong Kong. The course design and methodology provides systematic training for both a child’s left and right brain. This is something which I have not been able to find with such a high level of quality in Hong Kong.

Sofie Lee, 4 years 5 months old

Attended for 3 years 4 months


Austin Lee, 2 Years 1 month old

Attended for 1 year 1 month


I think Shichida has a very distinguished teaching philosophy so I can tell that they are particularly serious in preparing teaching materials. Thanks to careful preparation and use of the materials by the teacher, classroom flow is always very smooth and effective.


The memory training session, which is conducted by the teacher telling a story with cards set in random order, is the activity I enjoy the most. Children are then asked to flip over the pictures cards and find them with prompts from the teacher. My children not only enjoy the story itself but also feel proud for picking the correct cards; I enjoy the grins they give me in this activity.


I have seen that Sofie and Austin have become better at independent thinking, be it in way of visualizing something hidden, or memorizing something at a glance. I think the impact of the Shichida Method has been subtle but astonishing and will be a life-long skill.

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Moses Chiu, 5 years old

Attended for 3 years 11 months


Noah Chiu, 2 years 8 months old

Attended for 1 year 6 months


With a steady pace of learning and professional teachers, my children are able to remain focused and motivated in class to explore their potentials.

Harmony Lie, 1 year old

Attended for 5 months

Harmony is very drawn and focused towards the class and activities.  This is due to the teacher’s ability to pique the children’s interest and make use of soothing tones and illustrative gestures to teach concepts such as: opposites, colors, etc.

Prior to coming across Shichida Hong Kong, we joined many playgroups in hopes of searching for the suitable one for our child. For the most part, Dad accompanied Harmony to these other classes and found that their staff and teaching methods were not up to par and furthermore unable to stimulate Harmony’s interest in learning. In stark contrast, after experiencing Shichida’s class environment, Dad was very satisfied with the curriculum as well as the professionalism and kind-heartedness of the teachers.

Rachel Fan, 2 years 4 months old

Attended for 1 year 3 months


Gerald Fan, 7 months old

Attended for 1 month


We first heard of right brain education at a prenatal class before Rachel was born. We learned that before the age of 6 is the “golden age" of right brain development. After attending the class, we always wanted to understand more about the Shichida Method. We got to learn about the Shichida program at a baby exhibition in 2015 and found their concept of right brain development very attractive.


Every lesson is around 1 hour, with over 10 activities and done at a fast pace. Each class activity is unique and special. Rachel enjoys the flash cards and linking method activties the most.  The linking method is a memory training activity that uses different pictures cards and links them with interesting stories.


Rachel has been attending the English class for over a year. She started to join the Mandarin class in 2016. What surprised us most is Rachel could remember all the Chinese phonics songs after attending only 3 lessons and tries to sing all the songs at home. She is always very confident to teach us numbers and words using flash cards at home.


Rachel’s younger brother, Gerald, joined the 6-12 months old program once he turned 6 months. Although he is still very little, his ability to concentrate has improved in class.

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Rachel Lau, 3 years 6 months old

Attended for 2 year 5 months

Gaile Lau, 1 year 10 months old

Attended for 10 month


The activity I enjoy most in class is the “Linking Method”. The activity helps Rachel learn new vocabularies and build up memory by linking up words in a story telling way with a sequence. Rachel gets very excited and happy when she can repeat the story correctly in order.      

After attending classes at Shichida for 2.5 years, I found that Rachel has became a quick learner with logical thinking activities and her ability in learning new vocabularies is much stronger. Both her listening and speaking skills improved a lot.   

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