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What is the Shichida Method?


The Shichida Method is an early childhood enrichment program that:


  • Activates the innate abilities of the right brain; 

  • Enhances the whole brain by connecting and synchronizing the functions of both the right and left brain;

  • Emphasizes parent-child bonding;

  • Builds a foundation to better learning; and

  • Brings out the best in your child!

How is your program structured?


  • Weekly program. 

  • Each lesson is 50 minutes long: roughly 25 minutes of right brain activities and 25 minutes of left brain activities.

  • Learn through play.

  • Each class includes numerous activities to help your child develop better memory, numeracy, literacy, critical thinking, and imaging skills.  

  • Maximum of 6 students per class

  • Each student is accompanied by one guardian.

  • Classes are conducted in either English or Putonghua.

  • Our classes are divided by age in 6 month increments. 

How is the Shichida Method different from other programs that feature right-brain training?


The Shichida Method is a proven methodology, developed by our headquarters in Japan. Our program has accumulated over 30 years of history and is continually updated by our research and development centre. It has received acclaim both inside and outside of Japan. 

The Shichida Method combines right brain education, which develops children's sensibilities, with the conventional left brain education to develop the brain, heart and body in a balanced manner. Our program is a well-rounded program that is not only limited to flashcards, contrary to the popular belief that "right brain training = flashcards". 

This concept of "Soul Education" is very unique to the Shichida Method. Age 0 to 6 is the critical period of a child’s development, and the bond formed between parents and child will shape this relationship for the rest of the child’s life. The involvement of the parents as suggested by the Shichida Method will develop a sense of "oneness" between parents and child, and this love will lead to the child growing up to be a caring, sensitive and responsible person.

Is my child too young to start?


It's never too early for a child to have fun learning! Even in the mother’s womb, a baby is already listening and absorbing information around them. Learning continues after a child is born through the stimulation they receive through their eyes, ears, mouth, hands and nose. The quality and frequency of stimulation is also important starting from a young age as it will affect their "output" in the future.


Here at Shichida Hong Kong, we believe that all children should have a balance in non-structured and structured learning.  A child should be given opportunities where they can learn through self-guided exploration. At the same time, a child should also be provided with an environment where he or she can acquire basic knowledge, skills and abilities through structured play to build a foundation to better learning.

What is my involvement as a parent?


To help your child achieve his/her greatest potential, parents are encouraged to carry out suggested activities with their children at home every day. Not only will this help greatly with your child's development, these activities are fun and help parents and child to spend quality time together for bonding.


Each child attends class with one guardian who assists the child in carrying out classroom activities. The role of the guardian is to guide, assist, encourage and praise your child in carrying out the activities. Our teachers strive to create a secure and positive learning environment, and we encourage the guardians to support this goal so that your child will feel comfortable, confident and enjoy learning.

What if my child can’t sit still and cries during class?


Every child has a different personality and demeanor. Being a little fussy or restless is quite normal behavior as they have an average attention span of their age in years + 1 minute. Also, the teacher and classroom environment are still new to them. Our instructors are trained in managing classroom behaviour to minimize disruption and maximize participation.  Some of the most common feedback we receive from parents is that they find that children settle into classroom routines and their behavior improves within 3-4 classes.

How was your curriculum developed?


Our curriculum was created to compliment your child’s developmental milestones. It progressively increases in difficulty while correlating to your child’s abilities. Our classes, therefore, progress along with your child’s capabilities and help them become stronger every lesson.


Repetition is a key element in early childhood learning, which we adopt in the Shichida Method. This helps to create a lasting understanding of the many concepts that will be taught in class. Just like learning to ride a bicycle at the beginning, we have to focus all of our attention on pedaling, balancing and steering. But through repeated practice, it becomes automatic so that we can place our focus on getting to the destination safely.

Does enrolling my child in Shichida classes mean that a parent does not need to send their child to other learning programs like speech and drama, piano or language classes?


According to Professor Makoto Shichida, the focus should be on brain development, especially on the right brain when a child is still young. When the brain is trained well, the innate abilities of the child will naturally be drawn out. Our program will help your child build a foundation to better learning. Abilities such as a strong memory, creativity and logical reasoning will help your child pursue other talents more easily. We encourage parents to select additional classes for children according to their interests, since having fun is very important for children.

At what age should my child attend the Shichida Method Training?


Our program starts from 6 months and runs up to 6 years of age.  The “Law of Diminishing Abilities” states that the younger a child is, the more potential they have to absorb information and the faster they learn. 

What will be the results of sending my child to Shichida Hong Kong?


Based on feedback from the parents of students at Shichida, children tend to be more creative, have better memory, and have increased vocabulary. During classes at Shichida, children sit in chairs and complete small activities with a teacher at a desk and therefore younger children tend to settle easier in a school interview, as they are already acclimated to such an environment.  In addition, parents of older children have noticed that their children have developed good concentration and reading comprehension. They require almost no revision before dictations.

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