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The shichida method

Since 2010, Shichida Hong Kong (七田式教育) has been offering a fun and structured setting where we work together with parents and students to develop the innate abilities of your child to their utmost potential.


"Dictionaries define 'education' as 'to teach knowledge and skills'. However, the original meaning of this word in Latin is 'to pull out the innate ability'. Our responsibility is to 'pull out' the naturally large potential capability every child was born with to the fullest extent through education."


shichida HONG KONG

Shichida Hong Kong, the only licensed center to carry out the Shichida Method (七田式) in Hong Kong, started in 2010 to provide a place where parents can bring their children for a comprehensive learning experience with activities designed specifically for right and left brain development. 


We provide your child with specially designed activities to create fun-filled lessons that are unique and exciting. These weekly classes optimize your child’s learning potential. Here, your child will be given the opportunity to blossom and thrive.


Contact us to learn more about the Shichida Method (七田式).

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Founded in Gotsu-City, Japan - Shichida Education Institute, Ltd in 1958 by Professor Makoto Shichida (七田真教授).

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The Shichida Method (七田式) has become recognized internationally:
Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Vietnam, 
United Kingdom, Cambodia, Romania, Canada, Laos, and Myanmar.


More than 300 certified centres conducting the Shichida Method

(七田式) have been established across the world.

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makoto shichida

Professor Makoto Shichida (七田真教授) was a highly respected figure in Japan for his contribution to early childhood education. He started his lifelong journey in child education in 1958 when he started a small private supplementary school in Japan teaching children. The success in his early work with children motivated him to dedicate more than 40 years of his life to early childhood education, and in particular, developing techniques to stimulate the development and use of the whole brain.
Professor Shichida (七田真教授) held a Doctorate in Education, authored over 160 books and received numerous accolades for his work on child education. The first Shichida centre was opened in 1976.

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